The Preveza Hotel Association was established in May 2008. The Board of Directors today consists of the following:

  • Ntouskas Iosif, President
  • Anatoliotakis Kostas, Vice-President
  • Giannakopoulos, Secretary
  • Pappas Paraskeuas, Treasurer
  • Tsolis Kostas, Member - H.H.A. Representative
  • Akrivi Anna, Member
  • Dimas Panagiotis, Member


Today the Association has 45 members, throughout the prefecture of Preveza. Representative of the Association at the Hellenic Hoteliers Association is Kostas Tsolis and at the Prefectural Committee of Tourism Promotion are Iosif Ntouskas and Anna Akrivi


The main aims of the Association is to preserve, study and promotion of economic, social and professional interests of its members in the service of society, and to promote and upgrade the tourism product in our prefecture, both at Greece and abroad. These are achieved by our participation in the Prefectural Committee of Tourism Promotion, hosting dozens of journalists and personalities and promotion through interviews and presentations of our prefecture in various media of our country.