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Favored by nature, Preveza Prefecture distinguished for its beautiful, clean beaches bordering the Ionian Sea, the great wetlands of the Amvrakikos Gulf , diversity of landscape with the natural rotation of the mild and healthy climate, rich vegetation and abundant water.

The city of Preveza in the entrance of Amvrakikos, administrative, commercial and intellectual center of the prefecture, various sites as the Roman Nicopolis and the ancient Kassopi, the mythical Acheron with the Nekromantio, the Byzantine churches , the Ottoman and Venetian castles, the martyred Zalogo and the romantic castle city of Parga, are some of the points of that deserves to visit during your stay here!

The Preveza Prefecture offers clean waters, endless beaches and unforgettable stay in an incredibly beautiful natural environment! Choose one of our hotels for your stay and discover a delightful place to Ionion to spend unforgettable holidays!